Steppe News #12

Food is one nerves of the war and of the fieldlife also. Always be nice with the cook, that's open many doors (of fridge). M'y words of cook's son/brother! wink

The cultural immersion includes many aspects - some more pleasant than other - the case penile comes in my mind suddenly ... Otherwise one p'tit bbq that not fact of evil to nobody to base of pieces of meat alternating of p'tit cube of fat of ass of sheep. #tradition 

That is this qu'on calls one shashlik, often accompanied an generous plate of onions of families. wesh. 

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Steppe News #11

There is some birds which are kind of myths and make office Grail's Quest for some birders. #naturalistcrusade All depending of each one standards, the envy, the period of the year and the place where you find it. As much of tick* as possible that of birders's profiles are existing, you know!? 

The Bird is one ancient mystery - as much as the Woman - its behavior, its ways, its thoughts ... and it can sometimes surprise and we make us vibrate also. That's the case of this White's Thrush (Zoothera aurea), one bird quartered to siberian altitudes forests rather mystics. It honour us an stealth halt near of only tree we've got here, duh! Heart's Joy. SiSi the Family, that is ticked. 

#indasteppe #artwork #iphone #whitethrush 

* a tick is when you see one new species still never observed of your life. Delightful excitation sometimes uncontrollable for some of us. The tick can be extend to other field following some strange testimonials.

Photo : Thibaut Rivière ©

Steppe News #10

The real fieldbook inside the virtual fieedbook - had there to think hard and to dare it especially - that's like to search Google in Google ... completely insane tsé! I only hope that I'll not cause a bug in the matrix! #sorrymorpheus Finally YES ladies and gentlemen i tent one Inception as you said in the middle of dream. Call me the merchant of sand. 

How avoid a such precious tool on the field to keep observations, ideas and felt ? "But what are you writing right here ?" That is not your business young curious indecent guy, seriously ? "Do you think he's describing my behavior right now ?!" The power of a inquisitor pencil which raises fear and stirred the curiosity that is WHEW! Can't write quietly tsé. #angry

In the end, that's one excellent means of expression, of data collection and some good memories of naturalists times experienced intensely. Peace people.

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Steppe News #9

From egg to chick there is just one step! One decided one on the way for Life and not a unfortunate one otherwise you will crush it... sorry for that. Steppe is generous but what she gives Mother Steppe can easily take it back young intrepid people! Road will be long and surrounded of predators until the flight ... 

One word only down here, cryptic and mimetic, fair enough that's 2 words in fact, so i'm out.. Where the vegetation is short it is worth learn to make discreet from the first hours of life, that is the art of camouflage among the majority of steppe's species.

Steppe Rule # 1: DON'T MOVE OR DIE TRYIN'.

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Steppe News #8

Steppe is BIG but it's also angry and capricious sometimes! Be careful no showing off, if you laugh at the Steppe, the Steppe will laugh at you! It is known.

Yes ladies and gentlemen Steppe and isolation make crazy.. but also a bit philosopher ! #optimist I leave you to meditate on a Steppe that is rarely seen in this way... #intense

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Steppe News #7

Return to origins of feathers... what a coincidence for a ornitho to be fascinated - as a little boy - by the cold blood ancestors of birds?! Jurassic park generation, marked forever by the t-rex, the velociraptors and this goat who disappears by a mystic way ... #beeeeh

Steppe, earth of reptiles. One single thing to retain here: don't go in the tallgrass !

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