Who am I ? But who are we by the way ?!!

A Piece of Life #lifeisagame

When I was a baby, my parents decided to picnic near a river. A Kingfisher crossed the sky like an arrow. He landed just on the handle of my cradle wicker, a fish in the beak. He gently placed it on my blanket. From this point I had the choice, become ornithologist or fisherman. You know the rest of the story…

More seriously – YES I’m serious when I have to – my name is Valentin Nivet-Mazerolles, I was born in 1986 in the French Alps (Haute-Savoie). When I was a child I had a dream : to become an ornithologist and traveling. It came true in 2008, towards the North of Spain, immersed in a small village of Castile and Leon, to ring there my first birds. From this moment I’ve been guided by my passion for birds and it became my profession – Hallelujah – Involved in various conservation and awareness projects for wildlife; from the steppes of Central Asia with the MacQueen’s Bustard, through the Capercaillie of Jura’s forests. My recent 15 months mission on the Crozet Archipelago (French subantarctic island) as an ornithologist-ecologist, offered me the chance to live more than one year in total immersion in a raw, untouched and wild nature. Epic. #youngwild&free

Photography is a perfect fieldbook for me. It reflects my memories, some simple, specials meetings and wild times lived. Beyond to catch the movement, it allows me more to capture an emotion and share what I am feeling, where all the matter is to enjoy the present time. Yes, I am also a bit philosopher. LuV.